Located just a short walk from the Merrimack Athletic Complex, the Warrior Baseball Diamond offers fans the opportunity to see their team up close, with standing room available around the perimeter of the field and bleachers located behind the home plate area. The spacious playing field measures 335 feet down the lines, 375 feet in the gaps and 390 feet at its deepest point in centerfield.

The Merrimack baseball program has called Warrior Baseball Diamond home since its inception in 1978. The facility also features home and away bullpens. The home bullpen is located in the corner on the left field line while the visitors’ pen is on the opposite side of the field in the right field corner.

In the summer of 2011, the backstop was brought closer to home plate to create more of a separation between the baseball diamond and Warrior Field and to limit foul balls flying into the bleachers and onto the turf field.