Wroblicky Digs Up Some Answers

By Griffin Kirkwood

Heidi Wroblicky, a senior volleyball player, made her choice for college three years ago for a very simple reason; "I felt like I was able to do a lot of things, and become very well rounded".  Looking back now, it seems like her feeling was spot on.

Heidi has made the most of her college academic career, having the highest GPA among all female athletes her sophomore year, on top of being placed on the Dean's list every semester of her time here at Merrimack.

For this Volleyball season, Wroblicky puts team goals above her personal ones.  More than anything, she would like to see the team make the Conference tournament.  But, she also wants to see herself to get to one thousand digs, and her pursuit of both team and personal goals is evident to her coach, "last year, she developed-on her own volition- a week by week schedule for team development activities for us to implement."

Even as Wroblicky approaches her athletic goals, she sets her sights past graduation.  Wroblicky sees two paths for herself, and is not sure which one she will take.  The left path leads towards grad school and a pursuit of her teaching credentials.  The right path heads across the pond to France, where she has already studied abroad for a semester, and this History/French major hopes to teach English.  And it is "her continuing desire to seek new experiences on campus and abroad, her intellectual curiosity in culture, history, and hearing people's stories" that makes her able to set her future plans in another country and culture.

Wroblicky's coach, Joey Pacis, has noted her focus on making the most out of her college experience,     " As a student-athlete, she met her commitment to Merrimack Volleyball, and at the same time, took advantage of the many Merrimack College campus opportunities like studying-abroad and intramurals."  On top of being a student-athlete, Wroblicky is part of the club Frisbee team, intramural ice hockey, and tutors in the Writing Center and Math and Science in Lawrence. 

Her tutoring is something Professor Nielson-Dube believes Wroblicky excels at, describing her "warmth and presence when working with fellow students", leading one to believe that she will become a good teacher wither here or in Europe, wherever her path may take her. 

For the past two years, Wroblicky has been voted the Volleyball team's most inspirational person, which comes as no surprise to Professor Nielson-Dube, who believes many things culminate in her being "one of Merrimack's best."