Loiseau Set for Shrine Game Today at 4pm on NFL Network

North Andover, Mass. – Merrimack senior captain linebacker Shawn Loiseau (Shrewsbury, Mass.) has been selected to play in the 87th annual East-West Shrine Game, which is being played today at St. Petersburg's Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla at 4 pm. The Northeast-10 Defensive Player of the Year will be participating in the nation's longest-running college all-star game, one that benefits Shriners Hospitals for Children nationwide.

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Shawn Loiseau feature in the Tampa Times newspaper

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Day #7 – Friday January 20

Nothing like the day before a game! I Woke up this morning and already had the butterflies building!

When we went into the locker room we had all of our game uniforms laid out for us. We had our walk through practice and then had individual and team pictures.

A lot of people down here recognized me because of the article in the Tampa Bay Times and were asking for autographs and congratulating me. It felt really good to know that a small school guy like myself with big dreams, no matter what the circumstances are, can achieve whatever I put my mind to through all the hard work and dedication.

This was a humbling experience and it made me appreciate all of the people back home that have helped me and supported me throughout my journey. I really want to thank Coach Curran, Coach Bellmont and Pat Downey for helping me prepare for this game at gridiron training. They put me through a rigorous and intense program to help me prepare physically and mentally for the competition and game down here!

I couldn't have had the opportunity to meet better people in my life who have given me a lot of their time and effort in order for me to live my dream and accomplish my goals. I also want to thank Coach Perry for the opportunity he gave me to play at Merrimack College the last 4 years! I have been surrounded by and played with some of the most important people in my life and it has given me lifelong memories I will never forget! Can't wait for tomorrow! 

Day #6 – Thursday January 19

Today was another great day! Our team chemistry has improved greatly since the first day. We were in just helmets and shoulder pads today.

When we arrived this morning Todd McShay and the College Game Day bus was sitting outside of our practice. There were a bunch of news reporters and scouts at our practice once again.

Both our offense and defense looked the best they have all week today. We were both battling and making plays in practice. All of our special teams got installed and they have me on every special teams unit as well as working in at the starting linebacker spot.

At the end of practice all the guys wanted me to break it down which felt pretty cool. Being a part of a team with all of these guys is unexplainable. This whole experience has been so great and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to play for such a great cause and with all these great players.

After practice I was approached by some news reporters from the Tampa Bay Times and they told me they wanted to write an article on me.

We are only two days from game day and I can feel the butterflies already building up. I can't wait until Saturday to fly around and smack some people and represent Merrimack and all the coaches that have helped me get to where I am right now. My linebacker coach Mike Ginetti has helped me tremendously over my four year career at Merrimack and all the little things that he has stressed and been on my back for to make me a better player is all paying off down here. Fundamentals and technique are huge and that is something that coach Ginetti was always huge on and I appreciate what he and all the rest of my coaches have done for me! Can't wait for Saturday!

Day #5 – Wednesday January 18

Today was the last day of full pads for the week. All the guys seemed to be pretty sore but I was feeling good when I woke up this morning. All the training that I have been doing at gridiron training leading up to this game after the season ended has really prepared me.

There seemed to be the largest crowd of scouts, cameras and media today at practice. When we arrived there was an ESPN bus was sitting on the outside of our field.

The coaches had me working in the starting lineup at middle linebacker and I had another good practice. All the guys have been great down here so far. A couple of the guys and coaches have been calling me Lattimer, which is a guy from the movie "the program", because of how intense and energetic I am.

This whole experience has been more than amazing. I'm still kind of star struck playing with the guys that I have been watching on television for the last couple of years but it feels good to go against them and smack them around a little also!

Missing everyone back home and hope all my guys at Merrimack are training hard in preparation for next year! There are only a couple days until the game and I can already feel the butterflies building. But we have an amazing squad and I am looking forward to making an impression Saturday.

Day #4 – Tuesday January 17

Today was the first practice with full pads for us. We had camera crews and as many scouts as the first day of practice here today watching our every move. Things went great.

Our defense looks really good so far, and our offense is full of athletes including running back Tauren Poole from Tennessee; he is the quickest guy I have ever played against. Our fullback is from Georgia; he weighs 270 pounds and is a beast. Our offensive line is made up of some huge guys. They are all over six-foot-two and are at least 300 pounds. One of the offensive guards that I play against in drills and scrimmages is from the University of South Florida and he is six-foot-three, 335 pounds.

This is nothing like I see at the Division II level. I think I have turned some heads down here and have shown that I can hold my own against the best competition in the country. I have had multiple meetings with NFL scouts from a variety of teams, and I continue to work hard and soak in this experience as much as possible.

Tomorrow is our last day of full pads and our last day to get some hits in before Saturday's game.

I'm holding it down for all my teammates at Merrimack and representing Division II to the fullest while I'm here. Hope everyone back home is doing well and I promise that the East team and I have something in store for everyone when Saturday comes!!

Day #3 – Monday January 16

This morning we had to wake up, go to breakfast and then had official height, hand measurement, wingspan and weight done. It was done on a stage only wearing spandex shorts in front of NFL scouts. I weighed in at 241.5 pounds.

After that we had our first practice of the week. We arrived at Tropicana field and went into the locker room where we had our own locker with our name on it. All of our equipment and gear were already laid out for us.

I am wearing number 10 for the game this week. The guy to my left is a tight end from Miami hurricanes and the guy to my right is a defensive back from Norte dame. It was funny to see the Merrimack helmet in between those two schools helmets. Our first practice was just helmets and it was in front of probably 100 NFL scouts from all 32 teams.

The field was lined with them and they were watching and marking down our every move. Playing with these guys is an unbelievable experience and something that I will never take for granted. After practice we went back to the hotel and were given massages and then had personal interviews with the NFL teams that were interested in us.

Everything is going great so far and tomorrow will be our first practice with pads. So I get to see what these division one boys are really all about tomorrow morning! My attitude is to never be out worked and that is what I continue to do in every drill and every step that we are put through while being down here.

Day #2 – Sunday January 15

The second day here we got the opportunity to go to the shrine children's hospital and spend time with the children and families from the hospital. It was a great experience and to be able to spend time with these kids makes coming down here about more than just football.

These kids are tougher mentally than any of us athletes are physically. To see how these children responded to all of us being there and being given the chance to sign autographs and do activities with them was special.

"Strong legs run so that weak legs may walk" is the slogan that the shrine hospital uses and seeing these kids really showed what it means to be a part of such a good cause.

Day #1 – Saturday January 14

Arriving here in Tampa has been even better than I expected. I am surrounded by some of the best college football players in the country and have an opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do ever since I was little.

After arriving at the hotel we were given our shrine game gear and our itinerary. Then we were given multiple questionnaires and NFL sheets to fill out. After meeting my roommate and teammate who is also a linebacker, Najae Goode from West Virginia, we went down to our team meeting and I got a chance to meet the rest of my team.

I was surrounded by guys from all the biggest programs in the country including Florida, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Georgia and the list goes on. I feel right where I belong here. No matter what their logo on the side of their helmet says or where they come from, at the end of the day we all bleed and sweat the same way.

I have been waiting for this opportunity my whole life and I can't wait to get on that field and represent for Merrimack College, the NE-10 and all of the small school guys around the country."

A three-time first team All-Conference selection, Loiseau became the first two-time Northeast-10 Defensive Player of the Year selection in Merrimack football history in 2011. Loiseau was named 2nd team All-American by Don Hansen and honorable mention All-American by D2 football during his senior and junior seasons in which he recorded a school-record 133 tackles and 121 tackles respectively. Loiseau has been selected as an All-Region selection for three straight seasons, as he has led the Warriors and conference in tackles all three years. He has ranked second nationally in tackles per game two straight seasons and led the conference in total tackles both seasons.

The East-West Shrine Game is being played today at 4pm and will be broadcasted live on the NFL Network.