Ryan O’Rourke Embraces Role as Lefty-Specialist

Photo Credits: Scott Blanchette

Ryan O'Rourke Embraces Role as Lefty-Specialist

by Mike McMahon/Eagle-Tribune

Unless you're the highest-end prospect, the type that signs a contract with a multi-million dollar signing bonus, the life of a minor-league baseball player lacks much glitz and glamor. 

Former Merrimack pitcher Ryan O'Rourke knows all about that. He's in the midst of his fourth season as part of the Minnesota Twins organization; the Twins drafted him in the 13th round of the MLB Draft in 2010.

Before this season, O'Rourke talked with some members of the Twins' front office in order to find out what they saw in his future.

"I didn't want to just be spinning my tires in the minors for the next 10 years," O'Rourke said. "I wanted to know what they saw in me and what they thought I could be. They were really honest and told me that they thought I could be a really effective left-on-left reliever."

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