The objective of the Merrimack College Athletic Department is to be an athletic program widely recognized for competitive and operational excellence.

We hope to serve as a leading source of institutional pride while advancing the vision, mission and values of Merrimack College.

Keys To Success

The success of our Department lies in the hands of our talented and dedicated student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

We aim to support them with facilities that meet the needs and expectations of our athletic programs.

Likewise, we rely on strong support from a broad College community and sufficient financial resources to accomplish our goals.

Operating Principles

Merrimack College Athletics operates under the following principles:

  • Attract and develop outstanding people
  • Manage and grow our resources wisely
  • Make decisions with input from key stakeholders, and in the best long-term interest of the department and the College
  • Pursue excellence at a level, and in a manner, that enhances the College community, demonstrates service and inspires pride
  • Most importantly, we do all of this with the highest degree of integrity, ethics and sportsmanship