Below you will find a list of all Merrimack College All-Americans sorted by team.

Please note All-Americans are qualified as those who have been honored for on-field/athletic achievements by a reputable media outlet/affiliation/organization, as well as Academic All-American distinction that includes minimum grade-point average requirement AND on-field/athletic criteria. 

Name Team Year
Casey Cotter Baseball 2013
Chris Macdonald Baseball 1995/1996
David Miles Baseball 1992
Frank Crinella Baseball 2014
Garret Larkin Baseball 1996
Jerry Parent Baseball 1995
Joe Mantoni Baseball 2013
Dana Skinner Men's Basketball 1978
Darren Duncan Men's Basketball 2009/2010
Dee Mency Men's Basketball 2010
Ed Murphy Men's Basketball 1976/1977/1978
Joe Dickson Men's Basketball 1982/1983
John McVeigh Men's Basketball 1997
Paul Neal Men's Basketball 1983
Roger Damphousse Men's Basketball 1961/1962
Wayne Mack Men's Basketball 2012
Jennifer Jenkins Women's Basketball N/A
Joelle Martin Women's Basketball 2005/2007
Allison O’Brien Women's Cross Country N/A
Christine Fisher Women's Cross Country N/A
Jennifer Richard Women's Cross Country N/A
Julie Binney Women's Cross Country N/A
Katelyn Meagher Women's Cross Country N/A
Katie Schroth Women's Cross Country 1998
Amanda Baldwin Field Hockey 2000
April Daugherty Field Hockey 2009/2011/2012
Candace Kulacy Field Hockey 1998
Candace Waldie Field Hockey 2012/13
Jen Conway Field Hockey 1997/1998
Jen Otis Field Hockey 2011/2012
Jessica Otis Field Hockey 2012/13
Katie Bishop Field Hockey 2013/14
Katie Zubkus Field Hockey 2011
Kerri Bergquist Field Hockey 2011/2012
Sarah Dunbar Field Hockey 2012/13
Andrew Jackson Football 2006/08
Anthony Smalls Football 2009
Elfren Quiles Football 2004
Isaiah Voegeli Football 2011/12
Jere Brown Football 2013
Joe Clancy Football 2013
Quinn McDonough Football 2013
Shawn Loiseau Football 2010/11
Tony Johnson Football 2010
Bob Fowler Men's Ice Hockey 1987
Bob Magnuson Men's Ice Hockey 1979
Dean Fraser Men's Ice Hockey 1980
Jim Hrivnak Men's Ice Hockey 1987
Jim Vesey Men's Ice Hockey 1986/1987/1988
Joe Cannata Men's Ice Hockey 2012
Mark Petit Men's Ice Hockey 1973
Mike Boyce Men's Ice Hockey 1988
Mike Collins Men's Ice Hockey 2013
Mike Reynolds Men's Ice Hockey 1976
Paul Dunn Men's Ice Hockey 1977
Rejean Stringer Men's Ice Hockey 1999
Stephane Da Costa  Men's Ice Hockey 2011
Tom Lawler Men's Ice Hockey 1980/1981
Brandon Waiter Men's Lacrosse 2013, 14
Connor Reagan Men's Lacrosse 2013
Corey Lunney Men's Lacrosse 2012/2013
Cory Spinale Men's Lacrosse 2008
David Eaton Men's Lacrosse 2000
Greg Melaugh Men's Lacrosse 2013
Greg Rogowski Men's Lacrosse 2006/2007/2008/2009
Jamie Stefanini Men's Lacrosse 2000
Jimmy Holland Men's Lacrosse 2014
Mark Ivany Men's Lacrosse 2000
Michael Miano Men's Lacrosse 2008
Mike Morgan Men's Lacrosse 2000
Mike Perdie Men's Lacrosse 2014
Nelson J. Anderson Men's Lacrosse 2000
Nick Vazquez Men's Lacrosse 2012
Nolan Godfrey Men's Lacrosse 2007
Pete Schielke Men's Lacrosse 2012
Ryan Polley Men's Lacrosse 2000
Tim Towler Men's Lacrosse 2014
Amanda Baldwin Women's Lacrosse 2000/2001
Lisa Castellano Women's Lacrosse 2001
Marissa Sanseverino Women's Lacrosse 2005
Kathleen Keeman Women's Lacrosse 2006/2007
Kelly Pasquantonio Women's Lacrosse 2008
Mia Basile Women's Lacrosse 2010
Jennifer Pino Women's Lacrosse 2010
Liz Lyons Women's Lacrosse 2011
Franklin Lemus Pena Men's Soccer 2012
Jose Silva Men's Soccer 2012/14
Robbie Sabadoz Men's Soccer 2009
Steve McAuliffe Men's Soccer 1997
Alison Skoglund Women's Soccer 2001
Annmarie Yutkins Women's Soccer 2001
Bethann O’Leary Women's Soccer 1990
Gabrielle Gramprey Women's Soccer 2007, 08, 09
Heather Macedo Women's Soccer 2007
Hillary McGarr Women's Soccer 2007
Jen Kusz Women's Soccer 1996
Jessica Peacock Women's Soccer 2011
Kathryn Barkman Women's Soccer 1994, 96
Laurie Lamoureux Women's Soccer 2003
Lindsay Sheffield Women's Soccer 2003, 04
Lisa Jensen Women's Soccer 1998, 99
Nancy Daly Women's Soccer 1992, 93
Patty Cronin Women's Soccer 2000, 01, 02
Rachel McCarthy Women's Soccer 2001
Shannon Rowan Women's Soccer 2008
Sue Plante Women's Soccer 1998, 89
Daniela Paparo Softball 1995
Heather Faria Softball 2000
Jennifer Connolly Softball 1999/2000
Jill Gagnon Softball 2009
Judy O’Connell Softball 1993
Katie Morgis Softball 2007
Kelsey Ellis Softball 2009
Keri Bianchini Softball 1995
Kim Page Softball 1992/1993/1994
Meeghan Coffey Softball 1994
Michelle Lefebvre Softball 1995
Raffaella Paparo Softball 1995
Sheryl Marshall Softball 1999
Stacy Dell’Anno Softball 1998/1999
Tawny Palmieri Softball 2013
Briana Devereaux Women's Track & Field 2014 (Outdoor)
Carly Muscaro Women's Track & Field 2014 (Outdoor)
Molly Cindric Women's Volleyball 2008