Merrimack Shines in the Classroom during Fall Semester

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – Merrimack’s Athletic Department posted a grade-point average of 3.07 during the fall semester, improving for the fourth straight semester.

"I don't mean to sound cavalier, but somehow the recent grade-point-average statistics on our student athletes doesn't surprise me,” said Dr. Patricia Sendall, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. “Our coaches do a great job of recruiting student-athletes (students first, athletes second). I also think that the coaches have made a concerted effort to improve recruitment of top-notch student athletes over the years as well.”

Of Merrimack’s 22 intercollegiate programs, 14 recorded a team GPA of over 3.0, led by the women’s golf program (3.78), the women’s basketball program (3.45) and the women’s soccer program (3.32). The top men’s programs were the men’s tennis team (3.44) and the men’s soccer team (3.13).

Ten of 12 female programs have semester and cumulative averages over 3.0.

For the fifth straight semester, the athletic department’s GPA is higher than the average of the entire Merrimack campus.

In all, nine teams either improved or stayed the same from the 2011 spring semester, with men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse among the most dramatic improvements.

Eleven student-athletes recorded a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and are listed below.

116 student-athletes, roughly 24% of all student-athletes, posted a 3.5 GPA or higher in the fall semester.

“Given that, it is such a credit to them to have earned a collective GPA of 3.07, with one-quarter of them earning a 3.5 GPA or better,” said Dr. Sendall. “Special kudos to the twelve students who earned a perfect 4.0; that is an amazing feat.  Merrimack's academics are rigorous. These students do not have tutors and they all must show up to class. In the end, they are all going to be well-educated, well-rounded corporate and global citizens. That's who we are as a Merrimack community.”

During the fall season, Jessica Peacock (Hopedale, MA) from the women’s soccer team was a first-team Academic All-American, while Robbie Sabadoz (Ottawa, ON) from the men’s soccer team was a second-team Academic All-American.

Student-Athletes who recorded a 4.0 in the fall semester: Vincent Bellino (tennis), Alex Reed (golf), Rebecca Read (crew), Ashley Childers (soccer), Katie Ganser (basketball), John Doherty (cross country/track), Mark O’Flynn (baseball), Katharine Veasey (tennis), Ryan Flanigan (hockey), Jordan Heywood (hockey), Sam Nunes (soccer).